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xxx - xxx agreement

20 may 2002 is to be represented as: xxx solutions ltd.

done solutions ltd's address is: clear water with an operations office at: p.o. box 54087, ga 30021, usa


3.section 1.1: what is the xxx alliance program restricted use license addendum?

removed from the agreement

4.section 1.2: please note that the only correct spelling of xxx o. & m. company ltd, is: xxx


5.section 1.3: xxx materials should exclude computer programs including source code developed for xxx clients


6.section 1.3: for projects or products requiring licensing, xxx will be the default authorized licensee

7.section 1.3: for developed or customized products, xxx will own the source code


8.section 2.1: what is meant by partner category and partner level?

9.section 2.2: what is meant by a non-binding action plan here?

a memo or a discussion between xxx and xxx of action items.

example, the road show is a non-binding action plan.

10.section 3.1: suggest the term be 3 years


11.section 3.2: this is not acceptable, nor beneficial for either party, as it stands. xxx or xxx may make significant investments in the partnership and one or both parties would stand to lose significant investment should the partnership dissolve or be terminated by one party. neither party should be able to terminate the agreement until it expires, unless there is a breach of contract. in the latter case, we should resort to arbitration, not termination of contract


12.section 3.3: again, xxx materials should include xxx client source code or software licensed by xxx for client use


13.section 4: we suggest that either party may use the name, logo or reference of the other party without written approval


14.section 6.1: project-specific warranties should be in the respective statement of...