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The statement forms a most shallow summary of the French Revolution which set into swing in 1789. Perhaps it would be slightly nearer the mark if the statement reads ; "It was the aim of the Revolutionaries to overthrow the inadequacy of the monarchy. " But it still does not account fully for the main aims of the revolutionaries who were the middle class, the peasants and a small number of liberal nobles. It is imperative to note that the removal of the king is only a small symbolic part of the process the revolutionaries enforced to implement the change they wanted to see. There were two main aims brought up during the Meeting of the Estates-General, political reforms and socio-economic reforms. Hence the statement would not be viable as far as these aims were concerned. Examination the motives of the revolutionaries at closer proximity would help understand the true aims of the revolution.

Setting records straight, the King was only executed approximately two years into the revolution. Secondly, the King was offered constitutional monarchy type of government during the Estate-General meeting. Clearly, the aim was not to remove him but to introduce a change in which representatives from each level could contribute effectively to the government and thus form a more adequate ruling party. In fact, from an optimist point of view, this was a willing offer to aide the King in his administration of France. Thirdly, during the course of the revolution the King was constantly in compromising positions but aside from being closely guarded the King was essentially safe. There were no apparent plots to kill him or remove his title for that matter.

It is crucial to re-examine the demands brought up during the meeting by the participants of the meeting. Both the nobles and...