Aircraft Security a Human Factors Concept

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AbstractThis research paper will briefly discuss the history, trends and challenges on how best to secure aircraft, passenger and airports from threats. The issue of security of aircraft and its cargo has been debated and discussed since the early era of commercial flight. A major shift in thought to aircraft and airport security here in America began with the horrific tragedies of Sept 11, 2001. Many countries such as Israel have been dealing with these issues for some time now. Topics discussed in this paper are current and future trends affecting our safety. Many areas covered are successful and unsuccessful trends leading up to and after September 11th.

IntroductionThe aviation industry was devastated by the events of September 11, 2001. How did these acts occur? Who is responsible for security? Many of these questions spread through the United States pondered by all citizens. Why would anyone want to kill all those people? Terrorists do many things normal human beings would never consider.

They feel no one is listening to them and this is the only way of gaining attention and having someone listen to their troubles. Many terrorist organizations are driven by religious beliefs and feel what they are doing is right. After doing research on many religions, the use of terror and destruction is explicitly forbidden. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and many other religions aspire towards peace not acts of destruction. Knowing these kinds of people are out in the world waiting for their one chance at attention, the aviation industry needs to be ready. Terrorists always attack the weakest points in any defense. It is everyone's job to ensure safety and security of America and the aviation industry.

BackgroundAlthough used interchangeably today, the word "hijacking" hasn't always applied to airplanes. In fact, the term originated the...