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Are the changes in baggage handling helping ease the mind of the frequent flier? The tragic events of September 11 caused a tremendous ripple of changes in the United States. One large and important response has been a deep revision of an important form of travel. Airport security over the past four months has been looked at under a microscope. The change in baggage handling has drawn a lot of concern. The old lackluster method for checking bags is a way of the past. The new method calls for all bags that are checked to be examined. Is this justified? Is the government worrying about the wrong aspects of air travel? Will changes like these promote or deter people from flying? The government is passing legislation to tighten up all forms of security in airports. Will this make passengers safer? Will people be compelled to fly if they know that all the baggage in the planes belly has been searched? Most people never thought the events on September 11 could happen.

Will this change prevent problems on airplanes? These days less people are willing to travel. If things do not get better soon many people might never fly again. It only makes sense that the government should try and make it clear in the minds of the travelers, that every possible thing is being done to make air travel safer. Are the procedures that are being put in place making people feel safer, or are they making flying a hassle for the passengers? The things that are being done by the government should make the current status of air travel better. Are United States Citizens once again becoming comfortable with flying?