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On the 9th Feb. 2004 the labour Government announced what was described as a "comprehensive strategy to target organised criminals" The then Home Secretary, David Blunkett, said: "Organised criminals make their millions from human misery - trafficking in drugs and people, engaging in fraud and extortion. They control criminal empires that reach from the other side of the world to the dealer on the street corner. They believe they are beyond the reach of justice and out of our sights" ( The Government had already tried to re-organise the law and implement new legislation in order to streamline the fight against organised crime .This re-configuration was partly due to an exhaustive consultation period with key agencies involved in the fight against organised crime. With a heavy emphasis on the intelligence agencies [security & police] working in partnership. This partnership was to spearhead the attack with its 'reson detra' being to tackle drug traffickers along with the human trafficking that has also seen a large increase within globalisation (

Blunkett made the above statement when introducing new legislation predominantly due to the increased profits in organised crime and the proliferation in human trafficking along with drugs and racketeering. Underpinning this example are good examples. In Northern Ireland Up to 700 people through paramilitary organisations are believed to be involved in organised crime. With profits totalling somewhere in the region of over £125m through racketeering and extortion every year,it would appear there are vast sums of money to be made through organised crime ( Therefore with the above statement it would be fair to identify that organised crime has not crept up on society merely that it has been present with us for over 80 years in one form or another as this essay will show.

In order to understand...