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MEMORANDUM TO: Senior PartnerFROM: Legal Team BRE: Al Jones, ClientDATE: October 27, 2008____________________________________/I. INTRODUCTIONAl Jones is a prominent land developer within the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The city was inspecting Mister Jones' newest project and discovered an easement for a city utility line on the subdivision adjacent to Mister Jones' property. The City of Jacksonville is threatening to stop the project and sue Mister Jones for fraud against a municipality. The adjacent property owner, Mister Swiss Zimmerman from Switzerland, is threatening to sue Mister Jones for damages to his property and trespassing. The situation described by Mister Jones gives Legal Team B two possible cases to review. The first case is the City of Jacksonville versus Al Jones on the grounds of fraud against the municipality. The second case is Swiss Zimmerman versus Al Jones on the grounds of property damage and trespassing.

The objective of this memorandum from Legal Team B is to explain the possible cases against Mister Al Jones.

This will be accomplished describe the federal and state court that will review and resolve the situation. Team B will then explain which courts that may have jurisdiction over the situation. Team B will identify the stages and processes for reviewing the situation in civil court. Subsequently, a comparison of the resolution will be made between the civil aspects versus the criminal acts. An analysis of the probable success of a court proceeding and any alternative means of resolving the civil matter. Lastly, a conclusion will be written to sum up the main points of this memorandum.

A.The State or Federal Court that can review and resolve the situationArticle III of the United States Constitution declares there will be one Supreme Court, but allows Congress to establish lesser courts (Cornell University Law School, n.d.). Congress has established 94...