Albert Einstein.

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Albert Einstein is considered the most important physicist in the 1900's and one of the most respected scientist of all time. In his lifetime he was known and recognized for his theories as a theoretical physicist. As a physicist Einstein contributed more to the field of space-time relativity than any other scientist. Even outside the field of relativity he is considered one of the greatest minds to inhabit the earth. In fact Einstein's IQ as an adult was 160, which is considered genius but is rather low among great minds. His IQ did not make him a genius though but rather his unique way of thinking. He was able to increase his thinking level and be considered to have an IQ of over 200. In his time Einstein was also known to be a pacific, Zionist and socialist.

Early Years

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany.

The year after his berth Einstein's father moved them to Munich. Einstein first began to speak at the age of three and still showed signs of great concentration. Records showed that at the age of 5 a compass and the forces that acted upon it dazzled Einstein. This as well a book on geometry that Einstein thought himself at the age of 12 has had great influences on his life.

Education: At the age of six Einstein took his first steps in education when he took violin lessons. In his lifetime Einstein has mastered the violin and played it thoroughly. Then at age 9 Einstein attended a secondary school in Munich called the Luitpold Gymnasium. Even though he liked a few of his classes and did fairly well at the school he hated the strict discipline. His hatred caused him to drop out when he was 15 years old.