Alcoholic VS. Nonalcoholic History

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Alcoholic vs. Nonalcoholic History

After a hard days work, my grandfathers brother Ivan, came home and began drinking for the night. Ivan was friendly, even after drinking. He had many hobbies, such as hunting and fishing.After drinking for many years the hobbies disintegrated, as did his life. As the years went on he had no life outside of work and drinking. His family began to realize he had many problems, but it was to late to give him the help he needed.

In 1980, Ivan committed suicide. Ivan was a 56-year-old man with much to live for. His wife and two adopted children cared deeply for him, not to mention the many friends in his life. While out hunting alone, while drinking- of course, Ivan shot himself in the chest with a shotgun. A fellow hunter found him hours later with a case of beer at his side.

Because of this tragedy, my family most likely views alcohol in a different way from others. I believe that we have been raised somewhat differently from other families without an alcoholic history. Families without such a history may be less critical when it comes to drinking. They may keep alcohol in the house and not think twice about it. One of their children may come stumbling in the door and the parents think its just part of their fun. My family doesn't have any tolerance when it comes to alcohol. Tragedies like

Ivan's, give you a totally different outlook on alcohol. I know the effects alcohol can have, and its sad a lot of people don't realize them until somethings gone wrong in their own family.

One in every thirteen adults abuse alcohol. Alcohol problems are highest among young adults ages 18-29. People who start...