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I woke up from coma wondering what had happened to me. "I am going to die, what have I done to myself." "Does my mother know?" She will kill me. "I am so SCARED!"

Most kids my age, who only had their grandma and grandpa never knew what it was like to have a great-grandmother. Not only was she the best great grandma but she also played the role of a mother. To me I consider her to be an angel sent from heaven, to show some of us a few lessons about life.

Her name was Josephine Catalici, an Italian woman born in Naples, Italy in 1906. She died this past summer. She was about 5'5" and very beautiful. She was good hearted, gentle, devoted, and open handed in everything she did. Josephine was always out to help someone in need. She considered other people to be first priority.

She was the type of person who was almost perfect, always pleasing someone else and making one feel proud of themselves.

My great-grandmother was the type of person to bring out the best in everyone. As a child, I needed that because my home had its ups and downs. My parents were separated and I had been living with my mother. She was a young parent and did things that most mother did not. For instance, as a child she would leave me alone and sometimes physically abuse me. Therefore, I sometimes had a hard time understanding why she treated me so differently. On the other hand, I always received my explanations from my great-grandmother whom I called "Mema". I am not the only individual who considered her to be this type of caring person. Everyone that had known her, thought she was remarkable.

Unfortunately, she started getting ill and...