Alfonso and his family         Alfonso has an older brother named

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Alfonso and his family Alfonso has an older brother named Ernie, he is not very mean to him and they didn't fight a lot either, just played around a lot. His father liked softball and often went to watch his team play. He had a high temper and couldn't tolerate Alfonso messing up or doing something he knew his father wouldn't like. One time he came home and his team had won so he was really happy as he walked out of his truck and saw Alfonso with his hair. He tried to make it look like the Aztec warriors have theirs. Alfonso wanted to be like those Aztec warriors with cuts on their body and girls in there arms. That made his father really up set. His mother was a housewife and did all the work of the house, like clean the kitchen ,clipped coupons, dust, sew, wash clothes and etc.

Since Alfonso's father did not make a lot of money his mother shopped at very cheap places and made beans all the time. She tried really hard not to spend to much money and to save as much as she could. Alfonso did sit-ups and pushups to everyday so he can show off his body to the girls when he goes swimming at the creek. Alfonso also worried a lot about his looks and what girls think of him. Do they think that he's cute, handsome and nice or do they think that he's a loner and acts badly. One day he was checking himself out in the mirror and found out that his teeth were crooked like a pile of wrecked cars. He tried and tried to push them in everyday but they just didn't move. He pushed them in and rested his thumb since it turned like when he stayed in the bath tub too long. He tried to push and rest but they were like super glue and didn't move. He asked his mother if he could get braces but she said," does it look like to you that money grows on trees ?" And Alfonso didn't ask her for braces again. Alfonso had a bike that he loved and cared about a lot. He went on it almost everyday and rode really fast jumping speed bumps and over trash cans. His family was pretty average just like any other.