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The League of Nation was found after the Paris peace conference. The reason of creating the League of Nation was to the wars and to make the relationships between the countries around the world. Woodrow Wilson proposed the League of Nation in 1919, and it was made in 1920.

In 1919, 42 countries joined the League, it contained 32 allied power and 12 neutral countries. The League was hoping America would join, but the Americans didn't join because the Senate didn't agree to. The reason they didn't join because they were isolationists, and they didn't want to be of world placement. And Germany didn't allow joining the League, and they were angry.

The League contained four powers, the power of the covenant, the power of condemnation, the power of Arbitration, and the power of Sanctions. In my personal opinion, I think that those four powers were useless; they couldn't stop the conflict between two countries, and the best example of it was the League in the 30th.

The biggest achievement the League made was the event in Corfu. It stopped the conflict between Greece and Italy by using the power of condemnation. And there were some other successes the league made on the slavery, diseases, the war prisoners, drugs, reparations, economy, and Kellogg. The League also had some failures. For example, the League in 30th, the two main failures the League made were the Manchuria event and the Abyssinia event. In 1913, Japan invaded Manchuria because they wanted to get out of the depression. And during 1935-1936, Mussolini ignored what the League told him to do and invaded Ethiopia. And the other failure the League made was employment.

The crisis in Abyssinia from 1935 to 1936 brought international tension nearer to Europe - the crisis in Abyssinia also drove Nazi...