All About Metal-Cutting Machines

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There are a lot of cool metal-cutting machines, but below I will explain just five of them. They are the Drilling and Tapping machines, Abrasive Jet Cutting Machine, Drill Press, Fly Cutters, and Mill Cutters.

Drilling and tapping machines are used to drill or thread holes in a surface. Drilling and tapping machines can be from the tiny bench machine used in a jeweler's operation to the huge, heavy-duty machines that make large holes in steel forgings. In modern drilling and tapping machines, the surface to be drilled is either kept on drill press table or drill press vise. For drilling in a round shaft, a drill press vise is used while a drill press table is used for a shaft with a planar base.

Abrasive Jet cutting machines are used to cut sheet materials or to remove the materials from a surface. They can also use pressurized water or compressed air.

This special machine can cut more difficult metals, leaving minimal amount of burrs left on the edges, giving it a smoother, cleaner look and touch.

A drill press makes drilling precise, accurate, and simple. Drill presses are designed for both small and large workshops, as well as for home improvement and design. Attachments can be added to allow for routing, shaping, and sanding. Drill presses usually come in floor or bench-top models. Many models have heads and tables that can be tilted or adjusted to add flexibility.

Fly cutters give a better finish on brass wheels because it is possible to give the cutter both radial relief and edge clearance. The multi-tooth cutters have no edge clearance at all. This is what makes it possible to sharpen them over and over without altering the profile. This is important for quantity production. The big problem for certain types...