All my Sons by Arthur MIller ACT II of ALL MY SONS

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In Act 2 of the play All My Sons by Arthur Miller, it begins with some anticipation, because of how it was left off at the end of Act 1.

Chris saws off the broken tree which was planted in remembrance of his brother Larry, leaving only a stump. His mother is worried about the fact that George will be coming soon, considering she suspects why he would be coming on such short notice. Chris, doesn't mind it at all because he knows that his father is innocent, and that George would have no proof to be able to open up the case between his father Joe, and George's father Steve.

At one point, Sue comes onto their yard when Annie is on her own. Sue tells her that she doesn't believe Joe wasn't aware of sending out cracked missile heads, and explains that she doesn't want Chris around anymore because he over-estimates people with his eternal optimism.

She says this only tends to bring her husband down. Ann discouraged, from being told earlier that people no longer talk about Joe that way, or think about it.

Then after his nap, Joe comes outside to talk with Chris and Ann. He tells them that her father is welcome to work in his company with them. Ann is surprised, and Chris is angered. After arguing, they agree to forget about what was said.

George arrives, acting nervous, ignorant, and wearing his father's hat. He makes a few rude comments to Chris, and soon starts up that he visited he father in jail. He demands to take Ann home, but she and Chris don't allow that to happen. He talks about how he visited his father, and how he told him the whole story. That cylinder heads were coming...