"All Quite on the Western Front".

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All Quite on the Western Front

The story takes place during World War I in Germany. The story is about a man named Paul Bäumer and his friends Tjaden, Müller, Katczinsky, also known as Kat, Haie, Detering, Kropp and Kemmerich. Our story opens five miles behind the German front. Bäumer and his friends had been relieved the day before and were waiting for the kitchen to open. Fourteen days ago there were one hundred fifty men getting on line with them but, now there were only eighty men left. Tjaden was the first to realize that since almost half the men were dead they could have almost twice as much food since there was more than enough to go around. When he asked for more the cook said he couldn't because it was for the other men. Tjaden filled him in that "all the other men were in the camps or 'pushin' up daises."

When Bulke, leader of their company came out Tjaden told him what was going on. Bulke ordered the sergeant-cook to hand out all of the rations. Afterwards each man got almost triple the cigarette rations seeing as only eight men came out to eat and a lot of troops didn't smoke. They had to persuade the cook to hand out all the food and rations because he really didn't want to. After they finished eating they told some stories and joked around then they went to collect their cigarettes and tobacco rations. The next day mail had arrived. Everyone had some sort of mail to collect. As things started to settle down Bäumer and his friends walked about the camp. They noticed the recruits sitting on little boxes scattered around the camp. The boxes were just crude toilets for everyone. They recalled when they had...