The alternative education schools in Toronto (ACE 1 and 2)and how I think they are a positive option for students who struggle in mainstram schooling.

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Without knowing what all of the possible lenses of education mean I cannot honestly say which

one best suits me , if one lens can. I have been interested in alternative educations for some time and how

they differ from mainstream public education. The stream of alternative education I am focusing on is

Alternative Scarborough Education 1 (ASE 1). The mission statement of ASE 1 is;

The students, staff and parents of ASE 1 believe that the schol should be a trusting, humanitarian and egalitarian enviroment which stresses through its program flexibility,a commitment to learning, and openess in all personal and academic communication.

We wish to see within our environment respect for the individual and seek to foster astrong sense of community inits various academic and personal dimensions.

(Newsletter, 2000)

This statement is something I would strive to achieve in my classes. I also hope that I could find ways to

implement some of the other aspects of ASE 1 in my classes that I will discuss later.

I will also examine

wether or not I feel that ASE 1 adequately prepares it's target group and wether it should remain as a viable

program that could be expanded or not.

Before ASE 1 can be examined we need to try and define what alternative education is. After reading several pieces of literature I would deine alternative education as follows. Alternative education is required for the students who are in circumstances that do nat allow them to be successful in a traditional school (FRED). This situation is recognized by alternative schools and they provide ways of instruction that are conducive to the ways of learning that suit the student (FRED). The cirriculum does not change in any manner (content, evaluation proceedures, marking, etc.) (FRED). From a school standpoint it must b...