Who am I?

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For this essay we were to find our voice. Your Voice: the being of which you are. Who am I? Well maybe I should start with who I am not. I am not African American. I am not Spanish or Mexican. I am not Indian or Eastern. I am half Canadian but unfortunately do not know how to speak French. I am not rich or poor. I am a middle class, average white woman. I pay the least amount of money on my car insurance and yet I am cheated out of other advantages that minorities might receive. I have talents but they are few and wide apart. I paint but am not extraordinary; I play sports but not a major asset to the team; I was an all 'a' student but received no scholarships; I love music but playing it is a different story. I am an average white woman, nothing of me sticks out.

Therefore since nothing of me sticks out to the world, how was I to come up with a voice that the world would be willing to hear? Who would want to hear my average voice? Who would want to know about the ideas of an average white woman? Well I am not sure anyone will be willing to listen but I have a point of view to share. One might figure that my voice is common and therefore relatively unoriginal. But my commonness is one of uniqueness and quite different from what one might think. The middle class white woman's opinions are constantly being pushed more and more into the background with every minority group that comes into recognition and with every superior male who is looking for the quite unintelligent arm candy. White women have even been pushed out the gorgeous women...