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My name is Mya M. Bition. You may have heard of me. I'm a very potent force. I can seize many people at once. Don't misconstrue my power over people as manipulation. The status of my monarchy is of no fault of my own. I have no control over who I affect. As a matter of fact, most people believe I am congenital, somewhat instinctive. They say I arise at conception, and fuel the will to live. If so, I'm the very reason you're alive today. Don't bother thanking me.

As I stated earlier, I'm an innate quality. No one chooses to be, but everyone is a constituent of my authority. However, in what way each individual may chooses to utilize me may vary. I am fortitude personified. Like Shakespeare's character Macbeth, some may be determined to outshine others, no matter what it takes. Others may be set on being absolutely inadequate, worthless and of no use to anyone.

Both instances radiate evidence of my existence. There are just more options when the sky is not the limit.

Society always suggests that you think outside of the box. When I take hold of you, you see no box. There is no box. They tell you not to cross the line. When you overdose on me, the line is a dot to you. Like any good thing, too much of me can poison you, sometimes intoxicate the world around you. I'm seductive; I can blind you, and fool you into seeing what is not there. I can conjure up things to make you believe that you are invincible. I can cripple your senses. Paralyze your judgment, even.

I'm not all bad, though. I can lead you on the path to greatness; you just have to know how to control me. You see, when you have the right amount of me, you can go very far. Too little, and you will remain stagnant. An excessive amount will accelerate you on a dangerous course. Learn how to balance, like my friend Trakela has to. She has to understand when to let me guide her, and when to snatch the reins out of my hands. You have to be like this, because I can't even control myself. I, too, am desirous; I want omnipotence. I want it all. Every inch of your life will be mine if you're not careful.

Writer's Note: Everyone knows that in order to do well, you have to want success. No one truly acquires anything by doing nothing. As the cliché goes, "To whom much is given, much is expected." Nothing can be expected from anyone who doesn't give any effort. No one ever gave out tuition for having no ambition.