This essay talks about the role of ambition in Macbeth and defines what ambition is.

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Ambition Essay

What drives someone to do what he or she does? What makes a person kill someone else? What name does that little voice inside one's head have the little voice that tells you to do this or that? Ambition answers these questions. Ambition drives one to do stuff they might not normally do. The real question however reveals the two sides of ambition. Can ambition be used for good or only evil?

Most people believe that someone with ambition will use it for evil. They do not realize that when someone desires to become president or wants to earn an A on a test that the thing that drives them to work hard or to study uses the name, ambition. Ambition has also caused some to do evil things such as the character Macbeth from William Shakespeare's Macbeth. When Macbeth's ambition kicked into high gear because of the witches telling him that he would become king his ambition caused him to murder the king.

When one's ambition causes them to do evil than they have abused that ambition that they received.

While Merriam-Webster defines ambition as "1a: an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power b: desire to achieve a particular end 2: the object of ambition 3: a desire for activity or exertion." I think the true definition of ambition would be something that drives a person to become something better than what they are at that time. That certain thing makes one want to try out for the school play or audition for a musical solo. Ambition gives one the guts to do what they would not normally do.

So whether or not someone decides to follow their ambition depends purely on what they want to do. I hope that whoever does use ambition,