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A. Macbeth and Banquo, Scottish generals, are returning after crushing a rebellion

against Duncan ( King of Scotland ), when they are met by three witches. The witches

prophesy that Macbeth will become thane of Cawdor , then later on he will become King.

Banquo is told that he will never become King, but will be the father of Kings. Macbeth

is horrified, for shortly afterwards a messenger arrives to tell him that Duncan has

created him Thane of Cawdor as a reward for his services.

Macbeth writes the news to his wife. Lady Macbeth reads the letter from

Macbeth, telling her of the prophecies. With reading this she chooses to invite evil spirits

into her to take away her womanhood, she wants to lose her tenderness that is

normally associated with womanhood so that she can help her husband to get the


Duncan and his followers then arrive at the Castle for a Banquet, to

honour Macbeth further, they remark on how peaceful it looks.

After the Banquet when

everyone goes off to bed, Macbeth murders Duncan. When finding out of the death,

Duncan's two sons fled fearing for their lives, Malcolm headed towards England and

Donabain to Ireland.

Macbeth sends two murderers to kill Banquo, for he fears that the

witches prophecies about Banquo will come true too. Macbeth is scared and confused at

the second Banquet celebrating the coronation, for he sees the ghost of Banquo sitting

in his seat, everyone thinks he is mad, though Lady Macbeth saves her husband from

revealing her guilt to the guests.

Macbeth goes and visits the witches again asking for another prophecy

and they tell him three things. (1) to beware Macduff, (2) not to fear any man born of

women, (3) that he will not die...