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America The Free

Are you proud of our country? Do you ever take time out to appreciate our freedom, or do you just take it for granted, and expect it to be there forever? It hasn't always been so free. Hundreds of thousand of patriots fought and died for our freedom, allowing us to live a free life. Do you ever acknowledge them?

Armistice Day, (A.K.A. Veteran's Day) and Memorial Day are dedicated to honor both the people who fought in American wars, and the people who fought and died in the American wars. But, answer me this: Honestly, is that really enough? In my opinion we should honor our patriots more often, and in a stronger way.

On Independence Day, we sit around, sporting the American colors, and have a barbeque. I don't believe this holiday was intended to just eat hamburgers and hot dogs and have a good time, I believe the point is to remember our veterans and celebrate our freedom!

Walking around school, I hear, "Shut up!" and following shortly after, "It's a free country!" Indeed it is, but when you say that, do you think about it? Do you take it seriously, or do you only just say it as a snappy retaliation? Think about it.

To both students and the American workforce, Veteran's Day is just a day off work, and nothing more. They go out, or relax at home, watch movies and television, just normal weekend things. They don't honor veterans in any way. That really needs to change.

Gather a group of kids and teens. Ask each one what he or she wishes to be when they grow up. You may get some dreamers, like "A singer." "A millionaire." Or "The president." You may get some dumbfounded answers like "A kid."...