America's True Dream

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America's True Dream

Throughout the centuries, history gives us multiple examples of dictators, emperors', Pharaohs', and Kings' finding power through dominance of individual freedom. They controlled lands, travel, waterways, and food supplies, hitting at the most basic needs of human survival. Then they broke apart the common bonds of community and replaced security with fear, to strike at the emotions of the human heart. America was birthed in the hope of something better. The American dream, born in the heart of man, was a community of people with the personal freedom to control their own destiny, unhindered by governmental restraint and abuses. Some say this dream is but a myth because it has failed individuals repeatedly in their quest for personal power and glory, while simultaneously allowing the ruthless manipulators of the system to advance. The American dream is viewedAmerica, by granting freedom, guaranteed its possibility to all. Think back to Ellis Island and all the countries represented as immigrants poured onto her shores.

Their successes encouraged more to come and others to stay behind to fight for freedom of their own in their homeland. Even now, the fact that we can't allow an uncontrolled population of immigrants to become citizens in America, doesn't prevent the desire and hope for growing in the hearts of persons on another island across the ocean. The power we exert as a government is not to control others but to represent to them how to achieve freedom of their own.

The power of freedom redeems those in slavery because of the ability of men to choose to fight on the behalf of those unable to defend themselves. The same tree in the granite right of ownership granted others the right to protest its validity.

Our belief in individual freedom has taking us into...