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When looking at advertisements in magazines, you come to find out that the pictures actually mean something. Advertisements are just not there because they just popped out the sky. The advertisements had to have some thought put into it. If the advertisement had one couple walking and smiling, it is suppose to mean or symbolize something. Everything in advertisements have something that is either, one, trying to get your attention, or two, trying to make you see something from a particular perspective. The advertisement I am going to convince you about is both trying to get your attention and make you see something from its perspective. When writing about this advertisement I am going to convince you of my observations about a specific advertisement.

First off when I saw the advertisement, I had seen a family walking on the beach, having a great time being together. The family consisted of a husband, a wife, two children, and a dog.

This family was an upper class family who were having a fun time with one another. The family is upper class because of the clothes and accessories they’re wearing. The husband has on modern day clothes that seem like something you can’t get from the Thrift Store. The wife has a purse that looks like it ran her close to $200.00, and it looks like she has a great hairstyle, and expensive make-up on. The daughters have on, not your every day children clothing, but clothing of expense. The dog is even well groomed.

The time period is 21st century, modern time. This can be proven because of the clothes the husband and wife is wearing. These clothes do not look like someone in 1920’s would be wearing. It is also 21st because of the way the dog is well groomed.