American Cultural Myths

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American Cultural Myths

Cultural myths are important aspects of the society that contribute largely to the success of failure of any country. Being termed a "myth" essentially means that these are not composed of full-proof validations about the way things happen in every cultural society. Culture is an important part of any country. It is simply an identity that describes mostly the characteristics of each race or nation. A culture is composed of norms, values, traditions, beliefs, laws, and religions that define an individual. Following these definitions, a cultural myth is essentially a form of idea or concept that has been perpetuated through generations and generations which either account for a good or bad sense of belief and outlook in life. These cultural myths have subtly been embedded in the society of today. The effects are hard to measure however certain behaviors that can be traced back to these cultural myths can be observed (Brueggemann 2010).

Beliefs and principles to live by in life have been heavily affected by these cultural myths. However, there has been varying kinds of effects that has been observed in the society throughout the years. These myths essentially lead to both positive and negative outlooks and belief of people in life. Though they may encourage one person to be a better individual, others may well do the opposite and have a negative outlook and behavior due to these cultural myths. Adding to the growing concerns of both good and bad cultural myths and their effects on Americans, the initial issue would be the way these ideas and concepts termed as "cultural myths" are being understood and interpreted by the people. The modern day setup of the digital society nowadays helps a lot in spreading these cultural myths with the help of the internet. Most of...