American Dream

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Everyone has his or her own idea of what the ?American Dream? is. To some it is to not work and live on an island and do nothing but party and relax. To others it is to just be healthy and have loved ones around without thinking and worrying about money. Whatever it may be for one, it all leads to success. The success to fulfill a person?s ?American Dream? is not often completed, and may even compromise to feel as if it was fulfilled, and others just keep working at it. As in ? The Streetcar named desire? and ? The Death of a salesman.? they have what I believe most Americans have a there ?dreams.? Even after all the years since the plays have been written that ?American Dream? has not changed but even stronger then ever.

Willy and Blanche both lived by the saying ?Keeping up with the Jones?s.?

It is also like a fantasy world, because they both think that being popular, and well dressed will make you happy as could be and succeed in life. Willy was a very strong believer that being ? well-liked? and popular is all you need in life to get where you want. Sort of like when people believe that ? It is not what you know but who you know.? Knowing people is somewhat of a help, but you must have some sort of knowledge of what you are trying to pursue, if not I as may others would not be here in college. Also they believe in not working hard to get to your success, which I happen to believe in strongly that working hard is a must.

However Blanche would act as if she was very well off by her...