American History,The Reform Party.

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American History

Mr. Meltzer

Title: The Reform Party

The Reform Party is one of the most know third parties in the world. Like other parties it has Constitutional Principles, Budgets, Entitlements, Tax Reforms, Ethics, Term Limits, and Campaign Finance Reforms, Trade - Policy's, Foreign - Policy's, Education, Health Care, and the Environment. The Reform Party is very small; it is so small that people that are in it never get called down for jury duty. The reason for this is that it started in the year of 1971. See a man called Ross Perot a self-made Texas billionaire was an American disappointed in policy options and candidate choices. So he went out f his way and spent 60,000,000 out if his own money to get his policy option and candidate on the ballots in all 50 states.

The Reform Party believed that they should be committed to the reform political system.

They also believe that together they can re - establish the trust in the government by electing ethical officials, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and political accountability . They don't believe that money should be poured into politics. That Americans should focus on reducing the money that is spent n elections. See the Reform Party says this because since 1976 till 1995 all that money is ding is increasing the amount of spent on to fund campaigns. Talking about campaigns and candidates here are the immediate recommendations for Reform Party candidates to follow:

1.Reform Party candidates should maintain the highest ethical standards during a campaign, i.e. try to avoid personal attacks or negative ads.

2.Reform Party candidates should only represent the American voter. Therefore, contributions to the Reform Party or it's candidates should only come from the individual American voter.

3. Reform Party candidates should...