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Chapter five Ids

Great Awakening

1. Took place from 1720 to the 1740s

2. Was an intense revival of interest in religion

3. Men such as Jonathan Edwards preached the importance of religion

Historical Significance: The Great Awakening flared up an interest in religion that lasted many years after it took place

George Whitefield

1. Preacher during the eighteenth century

2. Preached for about forty years

3. Preached during the Great Awakening to help revive the interest in religion

Historical Significance: George Whitefield was a very influential preacher who helped convert thousands of people to Christianity

Jonathan Edwards

1. Most important theologian in the Great Awakening

2. Calvinist who believed justification by faith alone

3. Believed in original sin, predestination, and the need to convert

Historical Significance: Jonathan Edwards was a very important figure in the Great Awakening who helped spread religion

Colonial social structure

1. Aristocrats and professional men were on top

2. Yeoman farmers who owned land were in the middle and made up the majority of the population

3. Lesser tradesmen, indentured servants, and slaves were on the bottom

Historical Significance: The colonial social structure defined the colonist's economic and social status and limited their opportunities

John Peter Zenger

1. Printer and journalist

2. Arrested for badmouthing the governors policies but was acquitted because his charges were based on fact

3. Came to America as an indentured servant

Historical Significance: His case was the first important victory for freedom of the press

Poor Richard's Almanack

1. Written by Benjamin Franklin

2. Contained many proverbs which strongly promoted honesty

3. Contained information typically in an almanac such as weather, a calendar, astronomical information, and astrological information

Historical Significance: Poor Richard's Almanac spread Benjamin Franklin's ideas throughout the colonies through his proverbs

Benjamin Franklin

1. Wrote Poor Richards Almanack...