The American Patriot: Based on "Patriots" by A.J. Languth.

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Since the birth of our nation, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, there have been patriots. Men who stand up for what they know is right. They put their life on the line for others all in the name of their country. These men are heroes and have many outstanding characteristics. Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock are not only fathers to our nation, but they are also some of America's greatest patriots. These men stood up against the strongest nation, put their friends, families and lives at risk for the one thing they loved--their country.

The Declaration of Independence is one of the United States' most prized documents. It is the original piece of writing demanding the freedom of the American colonies from Britain. Thomas Jefferson, a Virginian lawyer, was the original scribe of the emancipating manuscript. Fed up with the and tariffs the British had been so rapidly placing upon nearly every product, and the endless intervention into the American affairs, Thomas Jefferson stood up to become a patriot and act out against the tyranny.

This intelligent man believed every man was entitled to life liberty and happiness, and therefore, Jefferson compiled all the ideas of the colonies into the article that would ultimately put a price on his head. His efforts would soon be backed by countless others fighting together for the same anti-tyrannical reasons.

Although Patrick Henry remained without an education until his was in his early teens, he was taught by his father as well as his clergyman uncle, Reverend Patrick Henry. With a newfound interest in education and justice, Henry became very enthusiastic about books and even more so about debates. In court one day, Henry spoke out for the first time. It was against British rule that the...