The American Revolution

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ANALYSIS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION American Revolution was an important sequence of events. It was a revolution but more importantly it was a war for independence. It affected the whole world.

The factor that is considered as the beginning of the birth of American Revolution is the attempt of the British policy markers to levy the taxes at their colonies population, by the Stamp Act in 1765.

But more important reasons resulted to this revolution. During the 18th century, major differences unfolded, between the British political world and the colonies of North America. The previous attempt to levy new taxes was unsuccessful, but forced the population of the colonies to see the differences between them and the British "world". A major difference was the fact that the British citizens paid fewer taxes than the people in British colonies. The economic suppression continued as Britain controlled the trade of the North colonies of America.

But also British colonies developed a political system that allowed them to solve their problems, without external help. Also where Britain thought of the empire as a united structure, colonies saw it as states where assemblies, which represented the people, decided for the course of matters. Only rarely did the colonies ask for help from Britain. Another difference was that in the colonies the right of vote was possessed by a much bigger part of the population than in Britain, making them more Democratic than the Mother Land. So we see that the reasons of the American Revolution were the economic suppression of the Mother Land and the political differences in governing and the ideas of the two adversaries.

So between Britain and it's colonies many differences existed. In 1770 the colonies decided to unite in taking action against the British oppressive policy. After two Congresses, including...