American Revolution

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It is sometimes observed that the roots of war lie in the results of past wars. The Treaty of Versailles and other results of World War I helped to cause World War II. Land issues and economic oppression from the French and Indian War helped to cause the American Revolution by creating a sense of unity throughout the colonies.

Economic oppression from the British helped to fuel the American Revolution. The French and Indian War cost the British government a great deal of money and they looked to the colonists for the money to help pay back some of the expenses and debts from the war. The colonists were also required to pay for forts that supposedly would protect them from the Indians, but all they did was help keep them out of the Ohio River valley. Several acts were passed by Parliament imposing on the colonists basic rights.

They were required to quarter and provide for British soldiers, they lost their right to assemble peacefully, trade was restricted to importing and exporting only to England, and the right to trial by jury was lost. By imposing restrictions on trade and taxing the everyday items the colonists imported and used, the British government thought it could help defray some of the debts from the war. All it did was make the colonists find new ways to export and import goods to other countries and learn how to smuggle things past the British blockades.

Land issues resulting from the French and Indian War also helped to cause the American Revolution. The Proclamation of 1763 restricted settlement in the Ohio River valley. The British Parliament thought they were doing the colonists a favor by building forts along the border of the settlements and protecting them from possible Indian attacks and...