American Symbols

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American Symbolism

America is a symbol for what all its people stand for. America stands for freedom, power, hope, and the right to do whatever you feel is right. The word America can mean many different things to different countries and people. Many different symbols can represent the American way of life; a of them being the sport of football, the New York Stock Exchange, The Ford Mustang, and Bruce Springsteen.

When other countries hear the word "America" they automatically think of people with money, power, and material goods. One such example is a car, where here in America, people have two and three cars, but in other areas, your blessed if you have a bicycle. The most American vehicle is the Ford Mustang. This car revitalized the car industry. Ford Motor Company unveiled the Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair in New York City by offering an American sports car at a moderate price.

Another idea other countries get of when they hear the word America is economic power. One reason terrorists attacked the World Trade Center is because they symbolized financial and monetary power as well as the strength of the American Economy and to the world. The New York Stock Exchange being located in America, in New York City, in the Financial District, next to the World Trade Center affects the whole world. The worlds financial markets' eyes are all upon the NYSE. When the terrorists attacked New York and the NYSE, they knew it would cripple America.

Only in America, can you start a company in your own garage, and build it to become the biggest and wealthiest company in the world. This is every entrepreneur's dream: to take an idea, and turn it into a reality. Bill Gates and his company, Microsoft, accomplished such...