Analysis of "Animal Farm" by Eric Blair

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Eric Blair-

Blair was born in Bengal in 1903, educated at Eton, and after working for the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, returned to Europe and started writing novels and essays for a living under his pen name 'George Orwell.' He was a political writer of his time, and usually wrote from his intense feelings and fierce hates. He hated government having complete control, and served in the Loyalist forces in the Spanish Civil War.

He contradicted himself in many ways. He was a socialist while hating communism and was a literary critic while distrusting intellectuals. He hated how the world was cruel and how lies were way of life. When he died in 1950 from a neglected lung ailment he left his work and ideas to us and we grow trying to fulfill his demands.....failing. Introduction-

When I first looked at this book I thought It would be a children's storybook.

Then I noticed the thickness of the novel and opened it up. I read the introduction and found that the novel was based on a political matter, and I thought that the title was just a metaphor, and there were no 'animals' in the story. As I read I discovered the whole thing was a metaphor.

The five topics I'll be covering are:

1. plot structure

2. conflict

3. point of view

4. symbolism and figuration language

5. theme and author's vision

I hope this essay shows the ideas of Eric Blair and the freedom we have under government control.


1. plot structure

The story starts off in a form called 'Manor Farm.' An old white boar called 'Old Major' tells all the farm animals of a day when all the animals would be free, and of a dream that took him back to when he...