Analysis Assignment: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

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I. Structure of the Novel: Chapter summaries (Complete both A and B)

A. After each of the chapter titles, write a two or three sentence summary (no more) of how the title is appropriate for the subject matter of that chapter.

Part One: (The following are summaries on how the subject matter revolves around the title.)

The Brahmin's Son:

The young Siddhartha is introduced in this chapter as a perfect child and role model. Siddhartha is not content with his preparation for enlightenment, his teachers including his father, the Brahmin, might be very knowledgeable but have not come close to experiencing the exalted state. Siddhartha decides he is better off seeking his goal with the Samanas, his father is not very happy about this but gives him permission to leave.

With the Samanas:

Siddhartha masters the practices of the Samanas after three years. He is not content again with the progress that he has made.

With his pal Govinda, Siddhartha decides to visit the illustrious Gotama.


Shortly after arriving at the town of Savathi Siddhartha and Govinda see the peaceful and total face of Gotama. Gotama later on preaches on how to escape from suffering, Govinda follows him. Siddhartha is not convinced of the totality of Gotama's message and decides to pursue enlightenment on his own.


Siddhartha finally realizes that in searching for the Divine he should no longer attempt to escape from himself or loathe the world around him. Siddhartha decides to find meaning and truth in the world.

Part Two:


Siddhartha is mesmerized by the courtesan Kamala, he asks her for lessons on love. Kamala says that he needs to be rich to suit her appetite. Kamala advices Siddhartha to visit Kamaswami if he is to be rich.

Amongst the People:

Siddhartha proves...