Analysis of the Australian Legal System for woman (under representation)

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Under Representation

Woman participation in parliament has long been insignificant and with any participation it is always assessed and scrutinized by the public. Woman's inactivity at the parliament still remains a problem in society. This issue needs to be effectively addressed; this can be supported by many articles that still focus upon the injustice that are imposed upon female parliamentarian or leaders. The main issue that needs to be address linger on the ethic and morals of existing parliamentarian (consist mostly of males) and even more, the general public. The amount of women as leaders either politically, economically or socially to voice their opinion for other women has influence on the overall self-reflection of average female and how they deal with discrimination, the negligible representation of women suggest an undemocratic society. The many attempts by the Howard government to promote equality by positive discrimination have addressed this issue in an effective manner.

Many organizations recognize the discrimination and act as both formal and informal means of addressing this issue. On the other hand, there have been some ineffective approaches to addressing this problem. Many educational programs have inform women of their rights, however, there has been no specific program to create awareness amongst male to understand the rights of women and to respect women's capacity to learn and work as an equal. There has been a lack of amendments to many policies to include women, after the feminist era has occurred. The legislations have a lack of flexibility to compromise with women's needs when they are in the position of a leader.

The Howard government has openly admit to wishing for more female politician and by saying that there are no obstacle that women must face due to their gender in the parliament openly encouraging women to join as a...