Analysis Essay: Orlane – B21 The Bio-Energic Skin Care Method

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Orlane - B21 The Bio-Energic Skin Care Method 5

Orlane - B21 The Bio-Energic Skin Care Method

Elsa Ng

University of Waterloo

In order to advertise their products successfully, advertisers attract the attention of consumers through different combinations of rhetorical appeals. The Orlane skincare websites implements all three rhetorical appeals, ethos appeal, pathos appeal and logos appeals. It also includes "weasel words" as another persuasive method. In comparison with rhetorical appeals, "weasel words" seems hidden to many consumers.

The most obvious rhetorical appeal Orlane uses is ethos or credibility appeal. They use it to demonstrate themselves as an experienced expert who specialized in the dermatological and cosmetic fields and "try to persuade the consumers that the organization is a worthwhile group" (Schryer, 1997a). Orlane has thousands of counters worldwide and the same owner as Lancôme offering credibility, reliability and trustworthiness. Orlane demonstrates the credibility by claiming that they have forty years of experience in dermatological and cosmetic studies and researches to develop outstanding skincare products (Orlane Paris Skincare and Cosmetics, 2004).

Orlane further stresses their reliability by providing the fact that they have their own laboratories, dermatological clinics, several beauty centers and institutes and more than five thousand counters worldwide in over 120 countries. They also provide a history of themselves which further emphasizes their credibility appeal:

1947: The 2 owners of LANCOME - Armand Petitjean & Guillaume d'Ornano would like to create a new brand, which name is the specific combination of "OR" from Mr. d'Ornano and "LAN" from LANCOME - "ORLANE" is created, a company specializing in beauty care (Orlane Hong Kong, 2004).

It quickly draws attention to the fact that they have the same owner as Lancôme and claims credibility because of the relationship with Lancôme. As a lot of magazines stated, Lancôme, a well known...