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The most significant change facing job seekers today is the introduction of on-line recruiting services. With the Internet becoming a way of life, it is natural that it would start making waves in the recruiting world. This paper addresses the advantages and disadvantages of online recruiting. Some simple rules for trouble free and confidential use, and how the Internet can provide greater exposure for individuals and companies. In addition, this paper will discuss my first experiences with an on-line recruiting site (Monster.com), the ease at which I could maneuver within the site, and my opinion of its confidentiality.

On-line Recruiting

With the introduction of on-line recruiting services, individuals and Human Resource Managers can now promote themselves and receive information via the Internet. "It is not really a revolution, but an evolution," said Sharon Gleason, the Vice President of Human Resources at Universal Technical Institute (UTI). "We use technology to enhance what is available.

There will always be room for more than one method of recruiting. The bottom line is, no service can be everything to everyone."

This evolution is helping companies save money. It is helping individuals gain more exposure. In general, if someone chooses the right service to help him or her on his or her way to a job, it is a win-win situation. In the days of reduced recruiting budgets, companies are being forced to look for alternative ways to find recruits. I feel that the combination of the net and direct exposure provides a great outlet for job seekers wanting to get their name out.

When people are looking for a service, they need to know what they want -- and how much they are willing to take. There are literally hundreds of services out there. As the realm of the Internet increases, so do...