Analysis of Richard II and Richard III

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For my issue I did plays Richard II/III by William Shakespeare I knew we doing macbeth and hamlet next year, give me insight on his writing style for future experience It was a lot harder than going through it in class because you have to understand the plays without someone to guide you along like we do in class with macbeth.

They are popular so I thought they must be good My QFI was "what are the characteristics a person needs to rise to kingship and how will these characteristics affect them once they are crowned?" Both fail as kings, this would help me find out why Both plays with tragic heroes King Richard III was a medieval king of England, who ruled from 1483 to 1485, before he was killed by Earl of Richmond, who became King Henry 7th, the father of Henry 8th and grandfather of Elizabeth I.

Richard II was born in 1367 and came to the throne in 1377 when he was 10. England was ruled by a council under the leadership of John of Gaunt. Richard was in power until 1399, when he was murdered while in prison, which was the first casualty of the Wars of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York.

They were both really well written plays, would recommend both of them to read for school Preferred Richard III the most, and enjoyed it more than any other Shakespeare play I have read before.

I read Richard II first, but my primary focus for the ISU and for my essay was King Richard III because it was fresher in my mind for when I had to write the essay and I could remember the examples and support from it a lot more clearly.

Richard II focuses on Richard's downfall from the throne while Richard III's primary focus is his deceiving and manipulative methods of ascending to the throne of England.

Richard II fails because he does not take anyone's advice and does whatever he wants not knowing that he is losing everyone's respect. Throughout the play are images of Richard descending from the throne. He constantly uses language instead of action to face his problems, until the very end of the play when it is too late. Like many of Shakespeare's plays, Richard II doesn't end completely, and is followed by Henry 4th, Part I, Part II and Henry 5th.

Richard III fails because he is quick to destroy anyone he suspects as being dangerous to him which makes his former friends run away and turn against him. Richard has a deformity and thinks that he must be a villain so he should strive for the throne. There are many illusions to a falling sun throughout the play, which is the symbol of the throne in England. The sun doesn't even rise on the day of the battle against Richmond, which foreshadows that he is going to die. Even though throughout the play Richard kills his friends and family, he is a very likable char.