An analysis of Security Management in an organization

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1.1 Security Management

This research project on "An analysis of Security Management in an organization" refers to the management of security in different organizations and the measures taken to stop hackers from breaking into their systems. There are many things that have to be taken into account by the security analyst to secure the data of an organization and manage the security. Certain things that are necessary to take precautionary measures and manage security which will be discussed in this report are:



*Proxy Server.

*Good Operating System.

A firewall plays a very important role in security management. If the firewall is a good one, it will stop illegal connections to the network hence securing the data. But if the firewall is not an updated one, the data of the organization is always at risk.

The database of an organization should always be encrypted.

If a hacker managed to bypass the firewall the security should be so very good that the hacker should not be able to steal anything. The best technique is to encrypt the data into the latest format of encryption which is either 128 bits or 256 bits.

The security analyst should install a good proxy server and create a good access control list to ban all illegal connection via the internet.

The server should be on a good operating system. An operating system plays a very important role in the security management of an organization. Linux or UNIX is the most recommended operating system for such organizations as *nix operating systems are almost impossible to hack into. The reason behind this is that *nix have an open source code which means anyone can make changes to the code to increase security and adjust the operating system according...