Analytical Essay: Acadian Driftwood (Acadian point of view)

Essay by Shurakai November 2004

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The song Acadian Driftwood, by The Band was made by an Acadian who was deported during the great deportation of the Acadians. It is a song of sadness, pride, and honour; all mixed into one. It is sad because the Acadians were forced to leave their family and friends. The pride comes with the fact that the Acadians never gave up hope, even though they had lost everything. Because both of these traits were passed down, along with the story itself through song, we have our honour of being true, proud Acadians!

The story of the deportation of the Acadians is sad and depressing for the most part. Of course, in the end it all finishes with a relatively happy ending and all the Acadians who remained were able to return home. Their lives must have been hard during this time of anguish where they were cast away from their homes and families; everything they ever owned was left behind.

But, despite these horrible actions, they never gave up hope for a better future for their families and descendants.

The Acadians, like today, were a very proud group of people. Their lives were devoted to three main principles: work, family, and friends. They worked their own lands, and even helped each other out when needed. Communities were made, and even among a community of over two thousand people, everyone knew everyone. So, as you can imagine, on the separation of them all, how terrible they must have felt. Times were horrible for the Acadians. Acadians landing along shore (even breaking down) were told to move on even if their boat was in no shape for another voyage. When they finally landed on shore and were allowed entrance, (through aide of their "kin livin' south of the border") they were...