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Round the globe, you are able to pick many democratic countries, communists' countries, socialist countries etc. There is a whole host of political systems in the world ranging from free democracies to authoritarian regimes. Of these, however, three in particular stand out. These are the presidential system of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and the spectrum of Germany. Each, however, is also unique from each of the others with America being on top, followed by Britain and Germany Each of the three political systems mentioned above is a type of democracy but they all have different ways of expressing democracy as a term. It is these similarities and contrasts, which will be the topic of this paper.

I believe the way that the United States views representative democracy varies in some ways from the way this concept is viewed in the United Kingdom and Germany. This variance is obvious in numerous aspects of government, especially in terms of overall governmental structure and also its society, culture and religious aspirations.

Democracy is indeed a grand and glorious concept, which has been pursued by countries around the world with its original roots in the Ancient Greece (Demos - people, Kratos- rule). The United States in particular is heralded the world over for its democratic process. It is particularly interesting to know that this system evolved from what our founding fathers had already experienced in the Monarch Britain. The United Kingdom and Germany have a significantly different political system than what would ultimately be decided on in the United States. The framers of our Constitution wanted to protect the right of the people to have local control over their government but wanted a capable system of government (Bates, 1990). They designed a federation system where neither national or...