Analyzing the Use of Databases

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ZaidCorp services use two databases, running on two different servers. Each database has its own individual function. One is Oracle that handles the database for the remedy software that is used for all the customers' information, such as addresses, names, and services that is offered, amongst other things. The other is SQL, which is the database for the sharepoint software. With remedy and sharepoint their database size and accessibility demand is completely different as they are both used daily. Remedy which is the company main application is used by over 60 users concurrently throughout the day. On the other hand sharepoint is used at a minimal. "ZaidCorp Services is a full service technology infrastructure company providing Managed Services, Data Center Services, and Professional Services to businesses. The company provides day to day IT operational support and data center expertise to customers, allowing them to focus their resources and expertise on growing their business.

The company also enhance there customer's position in the market place by improving operational performance, controlling costs and mitigating risk associated with IT infrastructure". Therefore it is imperative that the customers, along with the company's information to be in order, up to date and accessible.

Databases are used to manage, store and retrieve information from. One can imagine what life would be without a database. Without the database the company would have to revert to the manual way of tracking, which would be paper. The use of database at ZaidCorp Tech aids in the productivity and growth of the organization. The SQL and the oracle database were customized to suit the specific needs of the organization. The database is the quickest and most convenient way to share information.

The databases contain many different characters, numerical and binary data, tables, fields, forms, records amongst other things. This makes...