Analyzing the use of Databases in an Organization

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According to the American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy Third Edition, (n.d.) a "database consists of a set of data grouped together in one location in (or accessible by) a computer". A database stores keyed information in an organized and accessible manner. The size and capacity of databases can vary from a small database used by an individual to personal information, to an extremely large enterprise database that stores several gigabytes of information accessed by thousands of individuals within an organization. Databases are essential for almost every company in today's business world. Databases can help us to keep track of many things such as personnel, inventory, phone numbers, and important trainings and updates.

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access for Windows is a relational database management system. Microsoft Access uses the graphical abilities of Windows so that one can easily view and work with his or her data in a convenient manner.

Microsoft Access makes one data available to one quickly and easily, and presents it in an effective and readable way. Its ability to locate information using query by example eliminates keystrokes and consequently speeds up the development process of what an individual is trying to accomplish.

Microsoft Access lets an individual examine his or her data in a variety of ways. Sometimes the information in a record is easier to understand if the fields are arranged on a form or a report in a visually pleasing way; sometimes an individual's need to see the maximum number of data records possible on his or her screen so he or she can have an idea of what he or she is working with. A Microsoft Access form is a special window that is used for data entry. One can use the visual capabilities of Windows to create a custom form using...