The Andean View... what is to come..prediciting the future using Andean terms

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The Andean View

...." I have been researching and gathering the prophecies over the last twelve years. This is difficult because there are no written records, only the oral tradition. The prophecies speak directly to this time period in history as a time of transformation, what is called in the Andean language taripay pacha. Literally it means the 'age of meeting ourselves again,' but it refers to the potential for a golden age of human abundance. This is a time when human beings must really begin to work together. But it is also a time when miraculous occurrences can and must take place. Let me explain.

"August first of 1993 marked the end of the pachakuti--a cosmic transmutation--preparing the earth for the first phase of the taripay pacha. This initial phase is supposed to last from 1993 until the emergence of the fifth level of consciousness.

We have been talking about the fifth level but what you don't know is that a fifth-level priest will be a person with miraculous healing powers. They must be able to heal every person of every problem or illness, with just one single touch. And they must be able to do it every time."

"It is also highly possible that it could be someone who has tamed the power of the Black Light. The second phase will last until the manifestation of the Sapa Inka, a priest of the sixth level of consciousness and someone who must show extraordinary leadership, social engineering, political prowess, someone who can rebuild the Inka empire but to a much greater glory than it achieved in ancient times. The full-blown form of the taripay pacha will begin when the sixth-level priests emerge, which could be around 2012 or so.