Andrew Jackson Demorcacy

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When Andrew Jackson lost in the 1824 election for president even though he was the choice of the largest number of voters, he wondered if democracy existed in America. He made it his goal to create a real democracy. However, Andrew Jackson's term of presidency was a move away from democracy.

As president, Andrew Jackson took advantage of the power given to him and acted undemocratically. Sometimes, his vetoes only hurt the people of the United States. Jackson liked to use his power to veto. For example, he gave a veto to the second national bank of the United States. The bank had already been set up and was approved by congress but Jackson did not believe in the national bank. His veto to the national bank only hurt Americans by one of the most severe financial crises in the history of the United States and a division in poor and rich.

The Panic of 1837 was one of the most severe financial crises in American history. It caused failure of banks, businesses, and loss of many jobs. This hurt the lives of almost every American during that time. During his presidency, Jackson also passed a Force Bill. This bill allowed him to use whatever force necessary to execute laws. The purpose of this was to send troops to South Carolina and spite the vice president, whom he hated. Jackson also didn't make his decisions very carefully. Secretary of State Van Buren advised Jackson not to appoint a collector because the collector had criminal tendencies. Jackson appointed the collector anyways because he had supported Jackson during the election. Over the next few months, the collector stole over 1.2 million dollars from the US government. Jackson was ridiculed by fellow officeholders after that incident. Jackson was known to appoint friends and...