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A critical outlook on Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography Good job!

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.

-Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was correct when he made up this now famous quote. In fact, his life was run by this ideal, that you should live life to its fullest. Franklin did quite a lot in his lifetime, contributing many things to the advancement of science, technology, politics, and other important areas of our country's history. He started out as a young apprentice in journalism. He educated himself in his youth, and eventually started his own newspaper. Franklin engaged in many public projects in his life, and also experimented with new technological advances.

Benjamin Franklin was first given religious impressions by his parents, even though he doubted many of the points of religion that had been taught to him. After reading several books on the subject, Franklin turned towards Deism.

Franklin then began to doubt his own beliefs, and turned towards just a basic belief in God. He rarely attended church, and turned to a form of prayer that he had composed himself.

Improving society was one of Benjamin Franklin's main goals in life. He wanted to make his country a better place to live in. When, in 1729, the question of creating paper currency came into question, Franklin was on the side of an addition of money into the province. He backed his side so intensely, that he wrote and printed a pamphlet which described the necessity of paper currency. Being liked by the public, and suppressing the wealthy men's opposition, the point was taken to the House, where it won favor by the majority. Another public affair that Franklin turned to was the corrupt constableship. He wrote a paper representing...