Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is one of George Orwell's most renowned works, and can also be considered one of the greatest pieces in classical literature. The idea behind Animal Farm was so make mockery out of the communist ideology that was being introduced in Russia at the time. The book starts with the Old Major pointing out that they would be much better off if they rid themselves of their oppressor, Farmer Jones who had been mistreating the animals of the farm. The ideals that the Old Major introduces at this time are crucial to the development of Animal Farm since it is these same ideals that drive all of the animals to work later on in the book. Consequent to the Old Major's speech there was a rebellion and the Farmer Jones was overthrown by the animals. After the expulsion of Farmer Jones there was a vacuum of power and the pigs emerged out of it as the ruling class.

The pigs were clever and convinced the other animals that they were needed to oversee the functionality of the entire farm and that they find no joy in their job but must continue for the good of the farm. A series of events occur as Animal Farm progresses, but it all comes down to the fact that their ideal of Animalism cannot work. The ruling class, the pigs were selfish and did anything they could in order to benefit themselves. As a result the animals of the farm suffered more than ever but held on to the illusion that they were happy because they believed in Animalism. In the end of the book, it was no longer possible to tell the pigs apart from the humans, except they worked the animals even more cruelly than Farmer Jones had.

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