Animal Farm

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People, especially in a group setting are more comfortable with someone to lead them and offer them hope, solutions to their problems and to ultimately act as their perceived savior. Even in our small cliques at school, one person, good or bad, will ultimately emerge as the group leader. As a result of these needs, leaders will always be emerging to offer solutions and to lead people out of their oppressed state. There is no set rule that a leader has to be good or bad. The personalities of the individual often determine the type of leader that will emerge. In his story, Animal Farm, George Orwell, proves the idea that leaders, both good and bad, will always emerge. When the animals need for freedom and redemption from their oppressed owners, the humans, became a major concern, three different animals arose as leaders to offer solutions to their farm comrades.

Old Major, tired of being oppressed by the humans, and witnessing the defeated spirit of his other animal friends, arose as a leader. Old Major proposes a solution to the animals' desperate plight on Manor Farm under the Jones administration and inspires thoughts of a rebellion. Old Major dies three days after delivering his speech and the animals, stirred up by this speech, set to work immediately on the bringing about of the Rebellion.

After his death, there was a void and the farm animals were hungry for someone to continue and lead them out of their oppressed state. It was this void and need to be free and rescued that lead to the emergence of two different leaders; Napoleon, the corrupt opportunist and Snowball, the idealist. Both pigs saw the need that was created by the death of Old Major and decided they had the best...