The Value Of Being A Vegetarian

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Humans need food to live. The source of food can be classified into two groups - plants and animals. Some plant sources are grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts and form the major part of the normal human diet. Meat from animals is eaten in less quantity in most countries. In fact, many people know that it is not necessary to eat animal meat in order for humans to live. A vegetarian diet can be nutritious and even be more suitable for humans. Moreover, it is more economical and compassionate towards animals. These are some reasons why it is beneficial to be a vegetarian.

Most people know that animals play a very important role in our lives. For example, dogs and cats are lovely pets. They can help us feel comfortable when we are tired and make good companions. Horses and cows have helped humankind survive since primitive times. Horses provided us with transportation, and cows still provide us with milk.

These and other animals help people and contribute to nature's beauty. So, they are a main part of the order of nature that we should respect.

Animals have feelings and the desire to live, just as humans do. Cows, pigs and chickens that are raised for consumption live under cruel conditions. They may never see natural sunlight if they are raised in a factory farm. They are routinely pumped up with steroids which compromises their immune system, so then they must also be given antibiotics. These animals feel great stress and pain all their lives, and fear and hatred as they are slaughtered. These are what people consume when they eat meat. Therefore, for compassionate reasons, we can adopt a vegetarian diet.

Fortunately, we now have the knowledge that it is not necessary to eat animals, and that it...