Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life- For the Nintendo Gamecube

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo Gamecube is what I think to be one of the most innovative video games I've ever played. It happens to be a farming game, which some might say is quite dull and boring but I find it rather entertaining and challenging to play. Filled with vast opportunities, you decide which path you will take, and every decision you make will change your life in some aspect.

You start out on your farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley, which is a coastal village where many reside. The friends you make will influence your child's career, and future! ( That is, if you have a child ) There a three girls in the game that you can marry. By giving the one you want to marry produce and items, you can eventually propose and get married and have a child. If you do absolutely nothing, your game will end by the first year.

There are lots of different animals you can obtain- Cows ( Star, Brown, Marble, and Regular), Sheep, Goats, Ducks, Chickens, and a Horse. Each animal will provide you with something different that will aid you in many ways. You can also acquire many pets by becoming friends with certain people or creatures. Your pets don't require much attention because they can gather there own food, yet if you want to you can snuggle them and feed them a snack occasionally.

There are three fields where you can plant and harvest crops in the game, each with it's own soil quality. You can grow many vegetables along with various fruit trees. During the game you will eventually come across a talking plant that can create hybrid crops that sell for more at the market. With your produce you can make delicious recipes that will...