"Animal Farm" and is about the relationship between him and Yassir Arafat, the Tyrant of palestine.

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The Similar Qualities of Napoleon

and Yassir Arafat

Our world is full of dictators and tyrants who all have very similar qualities which may or may not be pleasing to the eye. All leaders have traits that are similar to each other as well as opinions on how to make the society a better place to live and work; not all of the residents will agree with their dictatorial ways. Consequently, unexpected acts of violence break out as well as unethical decisions made by the dictator. Napoleon, from Orwell's Animal Farm, and Yassir Arafat, chairman of the PLO and twentieth-century dictator of Palestine, are alike in their rise to power, in their laws and policies, and in their cruelties.

Napoleon and Yassir Arafat both have similar ways in which they gained their power, such as by gaining respect and joining or forming organizations. To begin, Napoleon wins the respect of animals, such as the sheep, by helping them with their slogan: he was better at gaining respect around the farm rather than public speeches (Orwell 63).

Napoleon also formed a small group which consisted of pigs to represent the farm which he headed and acquired his leader position through (Orwell 68). The dogs stayed next to Napoleon following him around, wagging their tails in admiration, similar to the way they did when Jones was around (Orwell 68). With the dogs as bodyguards, Napoleon could say or do anything he wanted without a fight, such as deciding on important decisions around the farm (Orwell 68).

Arafat in the same way recruited over three hundred sympathizers of his teacher who soon admired and respected him for his contribution (Yassir 196). "Arafat consolidated his power through Fatah, a Palestinian guerilla group that he confounded, becoming PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in...