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Animal Farm Project: Windmill For our project on Animal Farm, we decided to build a windmill out of legos. Both the windmill itself and each individual lego plays an important part in the story.

When Snowball brought up the idea to build the windmill, the animals listened with astonishment for they had never heard of such an idea. Snowball stated that the windmill would generate electrical power. This would provide light for the stalls, and warmth in the winter. It also would greatly help improve farm machinery, including powering the circular saw, chaff cutter, mangle slicer and an electric milking machine, making it an easier harvest season for all the animals.

The animals thought that their old-fashioned farm was the best a farm could be and couldn't imagine anything better, but after Napoleon took charge and Snowball was banished, the building of the windmill began.

The animals soon realized that this task would be much harder than it seemed, but due to Boxer's strength, will power, and his famous motto, "I will work harder!" the animals became determined to finish the job.

With that the windmill started to all come together. Despite all the hardships, the third time building it was a charm. Every animal put in their endless efforts to the best of what they could do.

That is where our model comes into play. The blue legos stand for each piece Boxer contributed to the windmill. As you cans see, most of it is blue to show this point. The red legos stands for Benjamin, because he helped quite a to too, and so on all the way down to the black legos which stand for the help from the birds.

Boxer's determination led him to work many more hours than the other animals, and sometimes alone. Therefore when his life cam to an end, so does the animals dream for freedom.

In conclusion, if we were to take out all the blue legos, represented by Boxer, the windmill would cease to exist.